Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hangin' Around

I had clever posts for each set of these pics, but I see now that they date back to October and I gotta get with the times. So, in order to satisfy my obsessive-get-it-done-now-after-I-procrastinated-for-months personality, here's a not-very-clever-catch-up-post :)

Goodbye, summer sailboat door! Perhaps we'll get the fall door pic up before new year's...

Hello, crisp fall mornings! This is the only pic worth seeing on the day I did my 2nd ever 5k :)

The long-awaited Virginia Aquarium visit

Yep, that alligator is just chillin'.

Hello friend!

The gang at Billy & Rachel's wedding. Super fun!

Just a few of the guys molded by the magical city. Charlottesville, that is.

We love Miss Kat!

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