Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We went to Orlando in October. I passed my oral boards (!!) but the more exciting event, at least according to Rowen, was going to Disney! The thought of being there consumed him for weeks and he was giddy about the whole thing. At least until he got there...it was a little...well, overwhelming. He had fun but it was A LOT to take in. Anybody with me? We basically forced him to ride several kiddie rides, most of which he cried during, and then spent great deal of time just looking around, which suited him just fine.

My Granny, Aunt Sharon and cousins Jeanette and Sheila helped with both little ones during the conference we attended and kept Harps while we went to Disney. It was such a treat to spend time with them!

Happy to see Zurg behind bars after he cried during the entire ride...

I persistently yelled at this Woody character until he turned and waved at us.
Rowen was thrilled. Can't you tell?

We stood in line to meet Mickey and Minnie, but Rowen wasn't feelin' it.
They were super sweet, by the way :)

He enjoyed Animal Kingdom much more, especially since Gigi met us there :)

And we had lunch at Rainforest Cafe'!

Harper was exceedingly patient with us.

Other Orlando happenings include seeing the Peabody Ducks:

Picking oranges on a real Florida orange grove with Granny:

And, finally, experiencing Cousin Sheila's alligator head:
(Seriously this was his favorite experience out of the whole week. He said so.)

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  1. I'd love to chat about your Orlando trip sometime. Graham, Lawson and I are likely tagging along with Garrett when he attends a conference there in January. I'm thinking graham at 2 yrs old is a little young for Disney, we were thinking sea world may be more his thing. Thoughts?
    And Rowen and Harper are just precious! I can't believe how big Harper is already. Miss you!