Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas...a little late

We were so blessed by Christmas with Rob's family up in Northern Virginia!

I admit I had grand ideas (Thanks, Ann Voskamp) about creating an ethereal experience for Rowen...celebrating giving rather than receiving and singing happy birthday to Jesus and all things warm and fuzzy, but those hopes came tumbling down as I heard a whiny and entitled voice declare he was ready for all of his other gifts. Is that my son? You bet it is.

Even though Dear Ann set my hopes high and made me think I could do it, I'm thankful for her insights really. I kind of felt like a prude insisting that Rowen stop after each gift and look the giver in the eye to thank them, but we're laying down traditions that he'll always remember and hopefully do someday without prodding from his mother. I'm learning, too, from Sheparding Your Child's Heart, that their outward behavior isn't nearly as important as their heart. If only I could mold that little thing myself!

But truly, if I could, would I? Could I ever do the job meant only for The Holy One? ofcoursenot. God just has to reel me in sometimes. And He takes me by the hand and says,

"Precious child,
chill out."

Anyway, once I got ahold of myself, I realized the beauty in all of the chaos and the full house and the shredded wrapping paper all over the place. It was a lovely day and my heart was full.

Hot wheels!

Thank you, Jesus, for all of this. And Happy Birthday.

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