Saturday, January 14, 2012


A few people I need to thank and am so very grateful for.

51. Miss Kat. I know I've probably listed her before. She's just that good. Good enough to be listed time and time again. Love her~

52. Familiarity between friends. I love that Katie M. and her family just pop in for lunch (or for me to sew up a gashed arm!) and I don't want to think about life without that happening.

53. Dr. Donald Soles. For showing me what its like to live out your faith in every aspect of life, even medicine. And for being a gracious teacher even when life is hard.

54. Dr. Sinclair McCracken. For trusting me with her dear patients and somehow knowing I could handle the job.

55. Dr. Joy Elliott. For teaching me how much fun family medicine (and LIFE!) is :)

56. Dr. Stephen Leblang. For teaching me the value of a good story.

57. Dr. Mike Lustig. For teaching me humility. The hard way.

58. Dr. Jacob Jones. For teaching me you are what you eat.

59. Dr. Alan Rashid. For being ridiculously calm all the time. And for getting me the Peds job.

60. Dr. Susan Satchwell. For showing me what strong women in medicine look like. And those types of things.

61. Dr. John Priddy. For giving me confidence in med school.

62. Dr. Ava Stanczac. For teaching me how to teach children to be independent and explore their world.

63. Dr. Robert Harding. For being a model for us all of a doctor with an uncompromising standard of care.

64. Ron Swanson. For loving woodworking, meat, and breakfast foods.

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