Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Notables and Quotables

Every night, I rock Harper to sleep. Its such a precious time with this sweet girl. She's usually so busy and always on the go, so it's really great to hold her and just soak her in while she drifts off to sleep. Ever since she was born, we've had a special routine. As she drifts off, she usually has her little hand up in the air, maybe trying to hold onto the little wakefulness she has left, then that precious little hand wanders over to my face and settles on my eye. As I close my eyes and she feels the tickle of my eyelashes on her hand, she laughs in her sleep! Same thing happens when I kiss the palm of her little hand! Its so snuggly! Then, I'll kiss her, right on the edge of her lips, mostly on her cheek and she laughs again! And sometimes (still in her sleep), she whispers "Dadadada."

Tonight as Rob was getting Row ready for bed, he made some comment about Rowen needing to get his clothes off and pj's on and Rowen says,

"And, your point is...?"

We were both floored! We had to laugh! He had a huge smile on his face so we know he was being innocent. Then a couple minutes later while brushing his teeth, Rob said something else and with a toothy grin, Rowen said,

"So, what's your point?"

LOVE them :)

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