Monday, March 12, 2012

Catching up...Long & Random..consider yourself warned :)

Four years worth of front door birthday photos on Connecticut Avenue...sniff, sniff. How is my baby boy 4 years old already? (I mean, this is old news...his birthday was in January but I'm just now uploading these pics.) I love a good tradition and this is truly one of my faves.

First birthday

Second birthday

Third birthday- I was 7 months pregnant with Harper

Fourth birthday (and the beginning of his obnoxious face phase)
AND Harper's first birthday appearance :)

Strollin' down the avenue

Our last swinging session at CP Park

An Awesome Farewell Party hosted by the Fantastic Fellners :)

We are so blessed by these guys!
Emily and Pete and their 3 girls are moving to La Paz, Mexico
in 3 weeks to serve as missionaries!!

A couple of my favorite people: Kat and Bernadette

We only tried this photo 67 times. But these gals are worth it.
Another 2 of my faves...Joanna & Katie

Love Miss Kat!

This is Rich, Katie's husband.
I feel like I should say "thank you" for years of stealing her away for Sunday afternoon walks, movie nights on her couch, girls nights out, chatting on my front porch...Thank you, Rich :)

A farewell dinner from my office, Brentwood Peds, the best group ever! My first real job!
(kind a board certified doctor at least. Not counting that awesome month at Clair's...)

Last Dinner Out with Sally, Sheba and Joy. The prettiest doctors I know!

A last jaunt to the Zoo with Peter and Stephen

This orangutan looks really jazzed to have Stephen all up in his face.

Now that we're in Beaufort, Harper has taken up computer processing.

In her free time, she loves Granny's green beans,

eating apples and giving us heart attacks by tangling herself up in the high chair,

and, of course, climbing.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just your common neighborhood alligator.

Rowen and Harper also LOVE their new-to-them sandbox
graciously donated by our neighbor, Jacob.

Whew, mmk. I'm just a couple of weeks behind now instead of a couple of months.
And let's face facts, people, a couple of weeks behind is really the new normal.
Bye for now, y'all!

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