Sunday, March 11, 2012


94. Finding a church we loved! After 4 churches in 4 weeks, it felt good to be able to focus on the worship and message and really be present instead of being fidgety about all the things that were new/different/uncomfortable for me...this felt like home!

95. {So, a friend told me you are supposed to write things down even if you can't see the goodness in it right goes}...Looking around at this awesome church and being sad not to see Katie and Janel's faces.

96. The possibility of a new Care group, right here in our neighborhood!

97. The excitement/anxiety I feel about reading Radical. Which I just put on my ipod.

98. The excitement/anxiety I feel about having registered for an 8k today...I dread it already.

99. Rowen asking for more "pressure" and "balance" in reference to air conditioning in the Tahoe.

100. Kind neighbors who give our bikes a home until we figure out a storage solution. People are good.

101. Harper's new words: Mahh (more), uh-ah (uh-oh), aahhh (hello). She also says mama and daddy and Rob claims she says "dog". Proud papa, anyone? ;)

102. Planning birthday parties...Harper's almost 1!

103. Target. The store. Now that we've chosen a church close to a Target (in Bluffton), that means I can possibly go once weekly! What?!

104. Dinner out with Bobby at Bricks.

105. Krispy Kreme donut bread pudding.

106. This salad which I could eat for days on end: roasted butternut squash, radishes, roasted beets, goat cheese, a touch of honey balsamic dressing, apricot-gruyere chicken sausage--all over arugula.

107. An old classic: collards. Each time I compare them to my granny's and I never measure up :)

108. Kat's way of filling in, taking over, helping out and loving all over. I'm getting spoiled...

109. Joining Pinterest. Still not sure this is a good thing as I can't figure out how to follow someone and its all very overwhelming for a simple old bird like me but I'll get it eventually.

110. A beautiful day like today and all the awesome things we did: went to church, went to Target, had our daily alligator sighting ("Alfred" is the friendly neighborhood pond alligator... y'all don't have that?), played with the babes, visited with Kat, went for a run, ordered shoes I've been eyeing for months at Aldo, and I'm about to take an early bath and reeeeaaaddddd! I'm so excited!

111. Walking along the downtown Beaufort water singing Butterbean to Harper.

112. The tiny and lovely blue bird that Rowen and I saw in Old Shell Point was too fast for us to be sure of it's kind, although Rowen insists its a Blue Jay.

113. That Rowen knows "Blue Jay".

114. Neighbors loaning just the right tree trimming tools.

115. Brie berry crepes at the Farmer's Market.

116. A good crock pot recipe. Got some?

117. Rob's 5 oclock shadow.

118. Harper's fine blonde hair blowing wild in the wind.

119. Harper catching her breath when the wind takes it away.

120. Knowing I'm not here yet and striving to be, from Paul's letter to the Philippians: "I have learned how to be content with whatever I have." Phil 4:11.

121. Heirloom dresses: I wore this Feltman Brothers dress when I was 6 months old! It's short on Harps now but its still darling.

122. Her beauty.


  1. Ahh, pinterest. I feel like it was so huge and everyone was on all the time and then it sort of died down and no one did it anymore, but I'm still on for at least an hour a day. And I don't even do productive things like look for art projects and crap I'll never do- I just look for witty harry potter quotes and those obscene joke cards like "don't you wish your girlfriend was grammatically correct like me." Well that one isn't obscene, but I didn't want to say anything naughty on your blog.

    Um, I don't think your baby is almost one. I know you're a doctor and all, but you might want to check your math. I thought she was three months? No? Weird.

    Glad you're getting settled so well. We had friends there who absolutely LOVED it, they had a breakdown when they had to leave. I myself am ready to get back to Real America. Although having a Target is just about enough for me...

  2. You are on pinterest, yay! I tried to find you so I could follow you as I am sure your decorating pins are to die for... no luck :( BTW... miss having you and Rob in Norfolk, we were just down there last weekend and we thought of you guys!