Sunday, March 4, 2012


81. A good reminder to be thankful...a new friend told me she's on number 400-something...I'm only on 81!! Gotta get on it!

82. A pokey little boy. As frustrating as it can be when he dilly-dallies, it's really funny to watch. From afar. When other people are dealing with it.

83. Our firecracker of a little girl. Man, she's a live wire! She's started climbing...

84. Friendly new neighbors in Old Shell Point.

85. Somehow, I am becoming thankful for this unexpected delay in starting my job...the long credentialing process is a bear, but just maybe it's God working on me?

86. Dinner out with Bobby--we acted like we were in college! Out til 11:30 pm! What?!

87. A mostly settled new house.

88. Knowing we'll find a great church we love...we've tried 3 that weren't exactly for us, but it was awesome to see 3 churches on fire for God. I have a good feeling about next week!

89. Gouda, sundried tomatoes, lemon slices in lemonade, bread pudding.

90. Thinking about working in the yard. I LOVE yard work. It's bizarre.

91. Giving gifts: books, pictures, covered trailers....

92. 4 bathrooms...they're really fun to decorate.

93. An old dog who makes herself at home anywhere and is surprisingly good with our children, despite her geriatric status. What a good girl.

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  1. Really liking the pokey little boy comment...from afar (when other people are dealing with it). And I could use some of that homemade lemonade. Miss you as usual.