Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hunting Island Fishing Trip

Rob, Rowen and I went out to the fishing pier at Hunting Island last week and had a ball. Rob fished, Rowen goofed off and I sat on the pier and read a book. It was heavenly!

Fishin' with Daddy

Fishing was interesting for a while. Then Rowen decided to play with the squid bait. It was pretty gross.

Then, because it was no secret how I felt about the squid bait, Rowen decided I must touch it.

Here he comes with the squid. Yikes!

It was super slimy. And totally disrupted my reading peace.

We noticed these guys...

...who were pretty jazzed about the squid and I was happy for them to take it off our hands!

After those shenanigans, Rowen took to acting like a monkey on the pier.
Always a welcome guest among serious fishermen, right?

Happy fishing, y'all!

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