Thursday, March 22, 2012


Rowen and I were getting Harps up from her nap today (and I was changing her poopy diaper) and he told me this:

"When I get to be a daddy, I can change Harper's poopy diaper. Or maybe when I'm 11 or 12."

And I'm thinking, why wait?

Then, he said,

"Ya know, when I grow up to be a daddy and have 4 children, I'm gonna get the biggest rocking chair so we can sit and read books!" (Then he demonstrated how big with his arms).

And he surprised me with,

"I'm gonna be grown up to a daddy in a week in a half!"

Then, to add emphasis,

"Can you believe that? A WEEK IN A HALF!"


  1. LOL! he is just to funny these days miss that boy

  2. You're my first friend to become a Grandmother ;) He is too cute