Monday, May 14, 2012


132.  A quick read from Ann Voskamp's website ( to turn my Monday around.

133. A trip home to the country this weekend for Mother's Day.

134. SILO-Beaufort. Sea Islands Local Outlet...supplier of our milk, fresh organic produce, and yummy popsicles (hello, mint grapefruit!)

135. Radishes!

136. Squash!

137. Cucumbers!

139. Calamondins!

139. Water when I'm thirsty. Millions of people don't have this luxury. Can you believe that while I'm wondering which shirt to buy from J. Crew, there are mamas desperately searching for clean water for their babies? Check out NeverThirst.

140. Radical. Though I favor Crazy Love to this book, its a good one to grow from. Even if the message is a little hard to swallow.

141. A job I love. 

142. Remote access to EMR so I can do charts at home. Actually typing it out makes me realize it sounds miserable. Work 12 hours, come home and have 1 hour with my children before their bedtime then work another hour or 2? Still, see #141. Plus, I'm off most Fridays!

143. Miss Courtney :) Our 3 month anniversary is tomorrow!

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