Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How its going...

Lots goin' on here, friends. Long weekend on call. Long week at work. Long nights working on charts. But don't let all that long-ness fool ya. I really love my job! It's just real...long, if you will. 

Anyhoo, couple o'things:

I've read/am reading some books lately. Always working on the B-I-B-L-E. In the middle of Radical by David Platt, just finished Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy and working on BossyPants by Tina Fey. All so different and I dig them all! What are you reading these days?

Rowen has a really brilliant nighttime sleep avoidance tactic. Actually lots of them, but the one that comes to mind at night is his routine of deciding he's "scared" of something totally random and that it needs to be out of his room. At first he would con us into coming to get it and then we'd have another long conversation with him and get roped into singing another song or telling another story but we finally got wise to that. Now we matter-of-factly suggest that he place the "scary" items outside his door. There happens to be a papasan chair outside his door. After he goes to sleep, we crack up over what he places in the papasan...tonights items follow: his shark wallet, his blue cap, his birthday crown, a purple plastic coin and a pink plastic Easter egg. Nice. 

I got a new Iphone which I simultaneously enjoy and loathe to varying degrees thoughout any given day. I've had it for several weeks and only tonight came to the terrible realization that all the voice messages I've saved for the past 6 years on my old blackberry are gone! How awful! I've decided to remember them here so I can pretend they're not really gone.

May 2005: Drunk Bobby sings Feliz Cumpleanos to me.

? 2006: Loooong message from Katie P. Collins about how excited she was to hang out after we took our boards--step 2--we were still med students!

? 2007: Hayley singing Happy Birthday to me in a twangy country voice. Or a Michael Jackson voice. I've heard both. She's got talent.

January 22, 2008: My dad's message congratulating us on Rowen's birth. He was "real proud"

? 2010: Rob had Rowen leave a message while I was on call: "I wuv you, Mah mah"

April 5, 2011: My dad's message congratulating us on the birth of "precious lil Harper Mae"

And any number of messages from my sweet mama that always end with these 3 lines: "Be good. Be careful on the road. Love you!"

I could just cry having lost those messages! I could just call Verizon but seriously, who has the energy for that nonsense? 

Ahh. Ok, I mourned over it. Maybe I can move on.


  1. Love Rowen's sleep avoidance tactics. At least we're not the only ones with a clever boy that delays bedtime over and over and over. Graham's tactic is pretty classic "one more book" over and over and over...or sometimes throws in "i want milk" just to mix it up a bit. We've also cracked down on this and are trying to be firm with a 3 book max at night.

    Also, now that you have an iPhone, you need to get Instagram if you haven't. It's a photo sharing app that I've recently discovered and am obsessed with. I think you'd really like it!

    Love your blog updates. Miss you!

  2. I love that Ro places random things in the chair so cute! Im sorry you are having such long days, wish there was something I could do, as I write this, I know you are working too hard and doing too much :) praise God for Courtney :) can't believe you got an iphone! see yall soon kiss mae mae and Ro for me!

  3. I am cracking up about the items Row places on his papasan chair at night. What a great idea! James would be moving his bookcases...speaking of James, he keeps picking the Amazing Adventures of James and Rowen to read at night and begging me to come visit. Man, I wish we could teleport ourselves there. Do you know I've never driven anywhere by myself that's more than 2 1/2 hours away? I must really love you if I'm considering it.