Sunday, August 19, 2012


Rob was recently away for 2 weeks for a training exercise with his squadron up at Cherry Point and just before he arrived home, we had a trip planned to FL to visit family and go to Animal Kingdom and Sea World (military families go free once a year--cha ching!). So the kids and I took off and Rob met us a few days later in time for Sea World.

The giraffes were especially photogenic...Safari at Animal Kingdom

Just Mama and Rowen exploring! I think this was our second safari of the day.
DinoLand USA

G'bye, Disney! It was a long, hot day but this little guy was such a good sport!

Feeding the cranes (aka Aunt Sheila's babies) at Aunt Nette's house
Lovin' Aunt Sheila's pool
Sister needs a break...
...but not for long!

Welcoming Daddy back after 2 weeks!

Sting rays!

The Shamu show. The dolphin show was way cooler.

The Wahoo Two boat with Daddy

He's all about sharks these days. And cheetahs, and peregrine falcons, and angler fish...

Here's a flashback of my cousin's wedding! I love you, Sheila!

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  1. Dying laughing over "sister needed a break" lollol you are too funny!<3