Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whaddya say, Harper Mae?

It's so interesting how different each child is. Everyone says it and they're for real! Rowen said 2 words at 2 years old: mama and dada. Harper is 16 months and says about a hundred. I'm in no way saying this is normal or that we've trained her to do this, we just think its a fun novelty. So I hope this doesn't give anyone a complex about their own child. Just remember, we were that couple who had the 2-word-2-year-old. So, roll with it :)

- Mama and Da-dee, obviously
- Ro-Ro and Ha-pah
- Yay-yay for Lady
- dood dirl for "Good Girl", a phrase we constantly repeat to remind Lady we think she's pretty awesome for putting up with Harper's shenanigans
- Run!
- Biiike
- nigh-nigh for nighttime
- Mo-ah for more
- No, no, no, no. Uh-uh. 
- Bay-bee
- All done
- Puh-pee and woof woof (in a really hushed, high pitched super cute voice)
- Happy
- Apple (which means any fruit that even slightly resembles an apple)
- Meow, moo, rahhrrr, bok bok, oo oo ah ah animal sounds
- Pee-pee 
- Eye
- Mouth

She seems so willing to repeat things which I specifically remember Rowen having no interest in. He was just taking his time and soaking it all up. And she said forget soaking, I'm here for the party!

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