Sunday, September 30, 2012


Before Rob deployed, we took an early anniversary trip to Charleston. We'd been a few times to eat and to the aquarium but there's so much to this amazing city that we had to go back for the weekend. It was our best anniversary trip yet. We walked around the city, and ran a little too. We ate the best food ever, did some shopping, took a short tour of the Citadel, Rob watched UVA win their game, we took a carriage tour and we had drinks atop a rooftop bar overlooking this beautiful city. I didn't want the weekend to end because I knew it would mean Rob would soon leave. But I guess that's a good problem...once he leaves the countdown can start for his homecoming!

Our neat little Inn
We were right next door to Husk, #1 new restaurant in America. I gave it an 8 :)

One of many gorgeous churches
Rainbow Row

Charleston, we'll be back!

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  1. Thanks for catching us all up! I can see God's hand in all this. You are beautiful as always. Missing you as always...