Sunday, February 10, 2013


210. My crazy old dog, terrible habits and all

211. My comfy bed

212. Harper saying "I love yo' _____ (random body part or piece of clothing)". Usually "I love yo' knees"

213. Patients willing to wait on me in exam rooms with no good magazines--shame on me!

214. Newborn patients

215. Only 2 more months. Of deployment.

216. My amazing nurse, Cathy. She is in the office every day earlier than me and has never left before me. And I don't get home til after 6:30. She's a champ!

217. Weekend potlucks with the girls that have carried me through this deployment: Kirsten, Erica and Kim.

218. Jen, the greatest neighbor that ever was.

219. New mulch

220. Forced bulbs making beautiful tulips in the house, in February!

221. Walking with my patients. Even better, jazzercising with my patients. Average age: 60 yrs.

222. Friends who love me enough to hunker down for the long trip to SC--can't wait!

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  1. i am reading that book too and working on my 1000 gifts list. it is awesome