Sunday, April 14, 2013

In-depth Homecoming Coverage

Our friend, Jennifer Duncan, captured such lovely photos on our big day that I couldn't choose just a here you go :)
Waiting for the big moment in the Ready Room

We're ready already!
The fly over

We're giddy!

Looking for Daddy!

We see him! Words can't really describe these next few...

I love this one for obvious reasons, but you can also see our friends Jessica and Matt in the background :)

True, Rowen was super excited to see Rob. But there was a grate on the airfield. And that's also very interesting.


 A part of me remembers that this deployment was a really hard time in my life. But looking back through these pictures makes me wish every couple could have this experience. There's nothing like it. And I'm so thankful.


  1. Luke and I both laughed at Rowen looking at the grate...and I perfectly understand your feeling about the experience. I can't look at homecoming pictures without getting teary eyed and I have such treasured memories of Luke's homecomings! SO happy you are all together again! Aimee