Sunday, April 7, 2013


Bobby Snow is home! Whoo HOO!
Old Shell Point was ready!

Rowen's class made a sweet sign with their handprints on the other side :)

Our friend and wonderful photographer Jen Duncan was at the air station to capture our reunion. Jen couldn't have been more gracious! So thankful for her!

So ready to see our guys!

We just watched the C-130 fly over and knew we'd see him in a matter of minutes!

We finally saw him! What a sight after 6 months!

We were super excited to share Easter together. It was a perfect weekend to celebrate our faith and family.

Rob and I were trying to get that perfect Easter photo. The rest of our family, however, was having a competition to see who could be the awkwardest. Here's the run-down of the winners:
Winner: Lady

Winner: Lady. Close second: Harper

Tie: Lady and Harper

Winner: Lady. Close second: Rowen

Winner: Rowen

Winner: Rowen

 Oh well! We did get a few cute shots later in the day.


And this is how Rob's first week home went:

Rob starts with a nasty GI bug Sunday night.

Rowen fractures his elbow Tuesday.


Rowen gets a cast. 
Actually, its a hard splint. 
Rob continues with his GI bug. 

I get pretty worried and start IV fluids on him.
Note: I am not a skilled IV starter. This is one reason I love nurses so very much. But I got the job done. He was a patient patient :)

But today, 1 week later, they are both doing great!And thank goodness...little miss turned 2 on Friday and we had a big shebang  this weekend :)


  1. Oh My! Glad he is home, and glad everyone is well. Poor Rowan, how long does he have to wear the cast/splint?

    Hope you are feeling well. Cant wait to see how beautiful your next babe will be!

  2. This post was one big emotional roller coaster for me! First, crying from the hallmark family run to the daddy welcoming him home, then laughing at the comments from the Easter shots. Love you m!

  3. YAY!! Congrats to you and your family. You have a precious adorable family. The pics are GREAT!! :)