Sunday, February 2, 2014

December 2013

Running a bit behind...
7 months here...she's growing way too fast!
The sweetest baby :)

She was very proud of this accomplishment!

The only pic we have of our anniversary weekend in Charleston...7 awesome years!
Fun in the field!
Big year for Rowen--first time he wasn't scared of Santa!

Our first year with The Elf :)

Sometimes a girl just needs somewhere to sit!
Now onto the traveling! Our basic Christmas itinerary: Beaufort SC to Winston-Salem NC to Stafford VA to Wintergreen VA back to Beaufort SC. With.Three.Children.

R&H loved catching up with cousin Melina :)

Horseplay with Grandpa!

Uncle Brent!

Proud Papa!
Hugs for Aunt Kerry!
A Christmas morning travesty

All better now...thanks, Aunt Sam!

The Aussies
All Smiles with Pop Pop!
Exploring with Gigi
A visit to see The Brown Family...we miss them so!

Harper and Olivia are truly two of a kind :)

Now on to the mountain!

Rowen's first tubing experience!

Harper was generally unimpressed.

But Rowen was all about it!

Nothing to see here folks. Just Harper's tantrum. In the snow.

Whew! I'm getting there! I'll update January soon!

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