Monday, February 3, 2014

So far in 2014...

Harper's first haircut

Maryblake is pulling up

Kim came to town! The king was quite surprised!

And so was Erica!

So thankful to have been part of this moment!

Just a few adult women hanging out at a skating rink. That's all.

And later, a haunted bar in Savannah
Rowen drew instructions on how to build a dog
then built one!

Maryblake and her bestie, Elise

New wheels!

Rowen's 6th bday celebration at Art Cafe!

"Snow Day" at Hilton Head. AKA every parent's worst nightmare
(your children and hundreds more running around like crazy people with ice chunks pelting them in the face)

Rowen and Kai

Snuggling with Miss Jen in his skivvies 

Snow Day 2014!

Rowen's 1st 5k!

Thanking my lucky stars for Jen's company
during the slowest 5k ever. What a friend!

Started off strong, ran about a mile...

Slowing down, but still upbeat...then the last mile or so was pretty miserable. But he finished!!

Though we finished DEAD LAST, 
Rowen still won 3rd place in his age group!
(Out of 3...but still)

Last place never looked so good ;)

Quality time with the Seich's before bidding them farewell...they're off to Arizona :(

Beloved Conani Seich

Friends :)
I thought life would be best if you never really had to say good bye to people you love, but then I remembered all the amazing friends I've farewelled over the years and how our connections still remain, though in different shapes and sizes now. Maybe Erica and I won't be in Beaufort together again, but she'll always be in my heart and we'll never lose touch. I know that for sure. She's saved me a hundred times over the past two years and for that I can't thank her enough. Having friends all over the country just gives me new and wonderful reasons to travel! 'Til our next adventure, lovely Erica!  xoxo

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