Friday, March 28, 2014

Every day, the best day.

Its hard to argue with your 2 year old when she insists on eating broccoli before you pay for it...

MB living it up at the gym

Harper's hideout

Gigi and her boy

Harper at one of many Chick fil A runs...we were en route to NC to find a house. Again.

Porter + Harps

Best friends--like their mamas :)
A night out with the girls--we had too much fun! My amazing friend Kirsten planned this day for me. She is far too good to me :)

This blurry pic says it all!
My girl Jen--couldn't have done the last 2 yrs without her!

Getting ready for Rob's homecoming! Balloons are a must!

Watching for him at the airport--any minute now!

He's here!

Getting right down to business as soon as he got home--with his helper, of course!

The sweetest baby

And the sweetest girl!

We missed Daddy so much!

The swings are a big hit!

Waterfront park, you've been so good to us. Except for the parking. And that was awful.

After a 5th house hunting trip to NC and 4 mos of being tied up in The House That Leads To Nowhere, we found this little jewel which will be ours on April 17th!

A quick jaunt to GA--MB with Grandma Wanda

And GranDanny!

New chicks!
Relaxin' on the farm

Cousins--Leah is priceless here!

Driving up GranDanny's driveway

Treasured time with Karson

My sweetheart cousin Suzanne
The ball is really rolling now on our move. I think you know why we're moving...but if not...Rob's getting out of the military. I cherish his commitment to serve and I'm so thankful that I was forced given the opportunity to survive several deployments over the past 5 years because I gained some of the truest, strongest and most beautiful friends I will ever have. Specifically, because of the Navy and Marine Corps, I have Kirsten, Erica, and Kim, among many other lovely ladies in my life. But now its time for another chapter. Rob will finish anesthesia residency at Wake Forest and I couldn't be prouder of him. We'll be in NC at least 3 years then for the first time in our lives together, WE will decide what to do from there...maybe we'll stay or maybe we'll move back down south. I leave Beaufort April 6th (sniff, sniff) to start my job April 7th :) and the bigs follow behind with Grandpa and Grandma Snow a week later then Rob and Maryblake trail on April 15th or so...its happening!

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  1. Meryl, so excited for this next chapter for you all! We are in the same place, moving to Maryland in 6 weeks (hoping this is our last move). I'll be praying for your move and transition. As always, love seeing your beautiful family.