Friday, August 22, 2014

This summer

We took a trip to Reynolda Gardens a few weeks ago.
What a beautiful place!

This was MB's first outing with shoes on.
She thinks she rules the world now!

I was pretty certain they were about to fall in...

Sweet girl

She can say "bay-bee" now and drags one around everywhere!

Rowen at Karate!

These 2 are inseparable

So sweet together :)

Sisters are pretty sweet too!

Riding bikes to the pool

First time off the diving board!

Harps preferred to sit by the pool with her oreos!
Fun new playhouse


School starts Monday--yikes! :)

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  1. Harps is looking like you M! AND I cannot believe Rowen is doing karate. I am going to have to show James. He was AFRAID to try it, and I had him all but signed up...Miss you like always. Your house is still standing :)