Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hey there friends,

I wanted to tell you about an awesome blessing we've had in our lives for the last few years. Actually 3 awesome blessings...Victor, Yuridia and Jairi.

Way back in the day when Rowen was an only child, Rob and I decided that God had been pulling at our heartstrings long enough and we would finally break down and sponsor a child through Compassion International. We went online and viewed the children in Mexico who had been waiting the longest for sponsors and let Rowen choose 1 child. We have missionary friends in Mexico so we really wanted to focus our efforts there. In some magical twist of grace, Rowen happened to point his chubby little finger at Victor, the little boy (6 years old at the time) that both of us had our eye on. We knew it was meant to be. We've been sending letters, monetary gifts, stickers and coloring pages to Victor for almost 4 years now. We receive letters from Victor, too. Its been really neat to see the letters evolve--Victor is growing up! We also receive photos of Victor, and sometimes his family.


Then 2 years ago, we expanded our Compassion International family to include 2 more children from the same child enrichment center as Victor--Jairi Emmanuel and Yuridia. Our hope is to visit them all in the next few years once Maryblake is old enough to "get" the trip. Rowen talks about "our children" all the time already and Harper is starting as well.

Jairi Emmanuel

 I can't tell you what an amazing blessing these precious children have been to our family. In a society where we agonize over which smocked dress our child should wear for family portraits or which private preschool to send our children, we may forget that other children--just as precious as ours in God's eyes--are hungry and cold and scared. Please don't misunderstand me, I long for Mini Boden clothes for my children just as much as the next suburban mom, but sometimes its good to remember the bigger picture.

In studies conducted by Stanford University (http://www.ssireview.org/pdf/ChildSponsorship_JPE.pdf), Compassion International has proven positive long term benefits for sponsored children--namely an increased chance of graduating from high school and truly being freed from the vicious cycle of poverty. By its very nature, this decreases the chance these children will be involved in drug rings or human trafficking. For 38 tax deductible dollars a month, you can rescue a child from poverty.

My prayer is that many of you will reply to tell me you already sponsor a child--fantastic! I know and understand that this may not be an ideal time for you and your family financially or emotionally or otherwise. I also understand if this whole idea makes you feel uncomfortable and you just don't reply at all. I'm not here to twist your arm. I'm writing because God has convicted me and I wonder if you're convicted, too? I'm just looking for 3 people. 3 people with a heart for the nations. 3 people who will step forward and say "Here am I."

We've committed to Compassion's "Release3" program, where we're asking our friends and family if they'd help us find sponsors for 3 additional children. If this speaks to you and you'd be willing to commit $38 per month, write letters and pray for a child on a long term basis, please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance for considering this awesome challenge!

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?' Then I said, 'Here am I. Send me!" ~Isaiah 6:8

I pray that you're all well and looking forward to some nice crisp Fall air!

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