Saturday, September 27, 2014

Old and New

Our visit to Georgia over Labor Day weekend. One of Rowen's talents is pushing people in GranDanny's swing :)

GranDanny and MB

MB with Grandaddy Jones and GranDanny


One of Rowen's favorite people--Karson!

Maryblake in Uncle Curt's peanut field

Harps, too!

Picking peanuts to boil. YUM!

Granny and Maryblake

A new fave: lying on her belly, "drawing" and tapping her foot.

Harper's first day of preschool!

Miss April and Miss Allison, her teachers :)

We had a lunch date to celebrate!

Then frozen yogurt at Simply Tart. Harps licked her bowl clean!

We went to our first Wake Forest football game--here's the Demon Deacon. Is this mascot odd to anyone else?

Trying hard to make it on Smile Cam!

Build A Bear!

First dance class!

Playing in our creek

A treasure in the woods

My big boy

A double Rainbow we saw in GA. We've been pretty sad around here without our Lady girl and this reminds me of Rainbow Bridge--the poem about losing a pet. Maybe we'll see her again someday :)


  1. can you please tell me where you got your son's boots? thanks!

    1. I got them from Amazon and the brand is Hatley :)