Monday, September 22, 2014

Lady girl

We spent our last days with our Lady girl this past week and she finally got to rest after 15 and 1/2 years of being wonderful. We are heartbroken without our pup. She's been with me almost half my life. We've been through a lot together--some heart aches and lots of joy, moves from Alabama to Virginia to South Carolina and now to North Carolina. She put up with everything the kids threw at her. I sure wish she had made it for another winter. She loved the cold. She was so dear to me.

Lady was born in Troy during Spring Break in 1999. I loved her from the start but I wasn't a very good dog owner back then. I was kind of a teen mom. But I learned how to take care of a dog and she took care of me, too.

Lady was just a few months old here at L&L Lakes in Troy

Lady on the day I moved from AL to VA for med school

Lady loving her new digs...Claytor Lake in VA

Halloween 2004 in Blacksburg

The house on Pepper Street, 2004

Her first snow! 2005

Pandapas Pond in southwest VA, 2005


She climbed the Cascades! Virginia, 2005-ish

Driving home to GA for a holiday break, around 2005

A winery in SW Virginia, 2005

Welcoming Rob home from Officer Training, 2005

Halloween 2005

Christmas 2005, my tiny apartment on Ascot Lane
Fat and Happy stage, 2006. Near the time of the unfortunate run-in with a ground hog.

New years eve 2005 or 2006

She would bury her nose in the snow!

The Lawn at UVA

Being on UVA's campus reminded her of her college days...good ole' Troy :)
For years, we took her to PetSmart for her birthday and let her terrorize the tiny rodents--we were unpopular there :/

Hiking Mill Mountain, Roanoke 2006

Picnic at the Norfolk Naval Station

Her first beach trip, Ocean View in Norfolk, 2007

Lula came too!

2007, our cute little rental house on Bayview Blvd, we were pregnant with Rowen here!

Probably around 20 weeks with Rowen, 2007

Winter 2007. She truly hated when I did this!

The first of 3 babies that changed her life forever!

Along the Lafayette River in Norfolk, around 2008
She loved chasing these geese!

I'm sure PETA would not approve.

The day Rob left for flight training in Pensacola--aka his first deployment, 2009

Christmas 2009

Sugar for James and Rowen, 2010

The best dog a child could ever have!

Gladly clearing the crumbs!

Clearly she would prefer some alone time, but that never happened.

Rowen took this picture. I've always loved it.

Then another baby came along...2011

Fall-ish 2012
With Harper in Beaufort, 2013

Easter 2013

And another baby!

Sometimes only an ottoman will do. Her last Christmas, 2013.

It makes me sad that Maryblake didn't really get to know her, but at least she doesn't have to miss her like the rest of us. She was a good dog, and so very loved. We'll never forget our Lady girl.


  1. Oh Lady, you will be missed. Praying for sweet love to wrap its arms around you this day.

  2. so sorry!!! so glad you had so many memories with her. praying for you

  3. So sorry for your loss. Lady was such a sweet dog. Your new pup is blessed to be a part of your family.