Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Catching up again!

I had an AMAZING time at the Women of Faith conference in Charlotte with Amanda!
A too-short-but-still-wonderful visit from the Moormanns!
Happy baby :)

Thanksgiving trip to GA--so happy to see Ryan and Lauren!
On the farm

Granny's chicken coop
A favorite pastime of Rowen and GranDanny--burning limbs
Thanksgiving selfie
Who knows what Papa is feeding her...
Gigi's visit
Looking like a big girl in her school pics!

Rowen's note to his Samaritan's purse OCC box recipient :)
Looking pretty cool with this guitar--hoping for lessons in 2015
Big girl decided to get her ears pierced. My stomach was in knots!
Skip to 30 min after the deed when I bribed her with ice cream to stop screaming. It was terrible :/
A carousel ride too. But the trauma of having her ears pierced won't soon be forgotten. She's excited now, though. Especially since Granny had her ears re-pierced too and they can be twins :)

Charity Christmas Gala in Lexington with lovely friends!

Wake Forest Basketball game with Finn
Evie's shadow
Harper was more than a little excited about her fancy dress for the Nutcracker!

Such a fun day!
Christmas party friends--tacky outfits, anyone?
Kari and Wes
My girl Amanda

Love me some Claire!
Relaxing with Daddy

Celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (10th year together) in Asheville!
Rowen's art contest submission
He won 2nd place!

Harps and Evie taking a snoozer
Christmas carols at church--we love Salem Chapel!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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