Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas in February

I have no clue when this was taken, but it's too cute not to post! Someone loves peanut butter!
Early Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa!

Did anyone get a good pic of all 3 kids on Christmas morning?


Fave gift of Christmas--the microscope!

New bikes!
Pulling the wishbone!

Guess who won?

New Years Eve at Ziggy's with an 80's hair band!

New Years Day with Katie, Adam, Porter and Louisa!

Rowen had a big deal type of birthday this year!
We took him to the Children's museum in Columbia, SC...
...where his best buds from SC were waiting to surprise him!
He was a little awkward at first but warmed right up. He has missed these boys so much!
Pancakes at his favorite fine dining locale--IHOP!

Evie's best pal

#baddog but we love her so

Greensboro Children's Museum--going shopping!

We went to VA a few weeks ago for a quick visit--Reunited with James!

A beautiful group of UVA babies!


No Norfolk trip is complete without a stop at Taste

Rowen started guitar lessons in January :)
Potato Stamping
Pretty girl

Mimi at the mall playground!

























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  1. Beautiful family!!!! I love the picture of Taste also. I crave sandwiches from there often. Garrett doesn't even like me to talk about it because he knows he can't have it :)