Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is what summer looked like

Climbing up all by herself

Proud girl

Family fun with Neera!

The best daddy

Always up to something...

Girls Road trip to Virginia--quick stop at Cracker Barrel

Goofy girl

Pretty ladies at Aunt Sam's bridal shower


Doin' it up right at Weathervane Winery--
I'm lucky enough to work with these guys!

The Plaids at Ziggys

Lunch date with Finn :)

Our church Hoedown--bobbing for apples

Somebody really got into it...

Sweet friends

Girls beach trip--beach races! I won. Of course.

Love these girls! They've saved me a thousand times and I'm so blessed to call them best friends!

Rosemary Beach

Calyza at Alys Beach

Life on the Farm

Relaxing at GranDanny's

Fun cousins!

Meeting the quads! Lily was smitten with Rowen :)

Lovely Beaufort friends!

Besties Elise and Mimi

Rowen's idea of heaven = weekend with Aaron and Isaac

Prepping for Aunt Sam's wedding!

Summer afternoon with the Collins Fam!

Pretty girl

Mimi and Louisa

Thumb wars!

Surveying the damage after a bike ride at Tanglewood

We tried to convince him battle scars are cool....
he's less than impressed

Brownies with G'mama!

Last day of pool fun

My precious girls!

Because your mouth is a perfectly appropriate storage place when you need both of your hands...

sisters :)


And I suppose this is how the summer ends....first day of second 2nd grade!

And first day of Pre-K!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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  1. Hi girl, you look great! Could you tell us how you lost the weight like fitness regime and exercise? Thanks! -Sara-