Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Tanglewood Children's Garden

Raising butterflies...
and fighting to save them from Evie's chops

Tiger Cub "graduation"...now on to Wolves!

Old Salem with Good Friends-The Evans family came to town!

Colonial kitchen


The Gunsmith

Love Steph!

Birthday Party at Spring House!

Hanging Rock on Memorial Day


The Lower Cascades at Hanging Rock

All dolled up for Davidson Medical Ministries Spring Fling

Sleeping beauty turns 4!

Harper's 4th birthday party joyful chaos!

Rowen played Happy Birthday on guitar

Pretty ladies!

Mimi camped out with the strawberries

Harper's last picnic with her sweet teachers,
Ms. Alison and Mrs. April

Big girl on her last day!

Class Hug

A little sweet frog treat with my big girl!

Evie's like Whaaa?

Speaking of Evie..."climbing" the tree to catch a squirrel

Sweet neighborhood friends :)

My baby is 2!

Birthday trip to the NC ZOO!

She can be sweet...but mostly she's crazy.

Night out at the Willows

Scotch flight? Don't mind if I do!

Pretty baby

Mother's Day

Mimi's perch

Best buds

I don't care what he says...he loves her.

Sweet sibs!

Best 1st grade teacher ever!!!

A visit to see the Skurkys and the Bozins!

Love this family!

She always gives you the sense she's getting away with something...and she usually is!
Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!


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