Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fall 2015

Gettin' it done at Mother-Son Olympics

Rowen at Raven Knob Cub Scout camp


The cutest Princess Leia--Halloween 2015

Not to be overlooked, the self proclaimed "Princess Yoda" :)

This is how it all started....Rowen wanted to be R2D2

I've never even seen the movies! But, man, this was fun!

Fam pics :) (By Kim Shouse Photography)

Our wonderful photographer did a great job on all of the pics and
obviously I love each child so very dearly
but something about this one really takes my breath away. 
I just can't believe all of these treasures have been entrusted to me.

Horse barn love


Harper's Thanksgiving program at School

Thanksgiving at Granny's in GA-so good to be home!
The girls were crazy about Baby Rex!

My big boy

Granny's pedicure

Daddy's pond and cabin at dawn--thanks, Angela, for the pic!

GranDanny's new toy

Loving farm life

Rowen's favorite--building a fire to roast hotdogs!

20 acres to roam about and they play in the
bed of GranDanny's truck :)


Fun times with Amanda!

Demolition time!

Everyone has a turn!


More fun with Amanda at the
Christmas Gala benefitting my clinic

Dear friends who daily pour out their hearts for God's people

Happy 9th wedding anniversary to this handsome guy!

Anniversary weekend in Charlotte--we stayed at a cute little boutique hotel--The Dunhill

Def recommend!

They happened to have possibly the best
scotch selection I've ever seen at a bar.
Hey, who's that cutie in the mirror?

I love street musicians!

It was my first time really spending time in CLT--
lots of beautiful sculpture downtown :)

Aaaand after we made fun of another couple for doing this,
I made us do it!

How is it December 19th, y'all?! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Beautiful photos as always, Meryl! Love yall and miss you greatly. My little baby boy is growing up soooo fast! Hope yall have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!