Saturday, January 30, 2016

Since Christmas

Trying to capture a family pic Christmas Eve
Christmas morning!

The kids got a play set!

Goofing around at Dan Nicolas Park. Even Evie's in on the fun!

Skating with Grandma and Grandpa Snow

New years with the Collins Crew :)

We love breakfast.

After an hour long tantrum over not wanting to wear this outfit, Harper decided she LOVED it!
Snuggle time watching UVA basketball
Finally got to try out my new skis!
Appalachian Ski Mountain Jan 2016--Harper's first time on skis!

Snow angel

Tuckered out!

Rowen's 8th birthday! He thinks it snowed just for him!

A puzzle to keep us busy inside...

...when we need to warm up after playing in the snow!

Getting ready to ice skate!


Roller skating with friends for his 8th bday party!

Mimi had the right idea!

Having the time of his life!

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby 2016


Right after the derby, Rowen fell and cut his forehead on our steps :(
It was a tiny but deep cut and needed a few stitches. He was terrified at first but came around quickly.

He was obsessed with seeing pictures of his new battle scar.

All smiles now!
My heart :)

Our kitchen for the last month
Washing dishes in the bath tub x 1 month has been a real character building opportunity.
Making slow but sure progress...stay tuned!

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