Sunday, April 24, 2016

And this was when...

This was when we took a Valentime's pic for family cards.
And this was when Mimi loved my V-day gift from Rob :)
This was when we went out to eat with my mom after church on a wonderfully random Sunday.
This was when Rob and Harps were best friends.
Wait, that's every day.
This was when our kids got the stomach bug and left behind a trail of destruction and devastation.
This was when they finally stopped throwing up and fell asleep...the next morning.
This was when Harper started soccer!
This was when the sisters got along for a minute ;)
This was when James came to visit from VA!
This was when Rowen had a sleep over with the Cub Scouts at SciWorks!

This was when our friend Josh, who works for the make-a-wish foundation, gifted us a self-portrait, making all our dreams come true!

This was when we went to Josh and Miranda's Margaritaville party. Our friends are so much cooler than us :/
This was when the queen of the universe allowed me to take a photo with her.
This was when Rowen and Harps were super goofy.
This was when I caught a beautiful glimpse of
my most spirited girl.
This was when Harper turned 5!!
This was when I caught a beautiful glimpse of my most tender hearted daughter.
This is when Harps snuggled with Evie, which is every single day.
This was when we spent Easter and Spring Break in GA!
This was when the great grands made Granny and Papa laugh!
This was when Harper caught the climbing bug!
And this was when Mimi refused to be left out!
This was when we visited Uncle Curt and Grandaddy.
This was when my girls jumped hay bales.
And this was when my heart swelled so that it nearly burst with happiness to see my girls loving farm life.
This was when I was so in love with Granny's apple cake that I took a picture so it would last longer.
And this was when Granny was totally filling Rowen's love tank by letting him burn stuff.
This was when Mimi owned the trail wagon.
This was when we got to see our cousins!
This was when Rowen and Karson were in their happy place.
This was when Harper and Olivia were, too!
This was when Mimi has GranDanny wrapped around her finger.
This was when Rex was too cute for words.
And this was when my girls made him their play toy.
This was when I made everyone take Easter pics in the rain :)
This was when everyone was over Easter pics in the rain.
This was when the kids had an egg hunt in the rain at Aunt Deb's!
This was when Rowen read the newspaper at Granny and Papa's.
This was when Mimi and Papa had a moment.
This was when we had to say bye to Jude :(

This was when we go got see Uncle Chad!
This was when we went to Stone Mountain!
This was when we rode a zip car to the top of Stone Mountain


This was when Rowen did a ropes course.
This was when Harper settled for a play ground because she wasn't tall enough for the ropes :(

This is when we went to the GA Aquarium.


This is when I really wanted this girl's job.
I mean, she pets tiny pengiuns!

Ok y'all survived! That's it! Good work!
You should be proud of your endurance ;)










































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