Friday, January 13, 2017

Maui and Christmas and SNOW!

In December, Rob and I took an amazing trip to Maui to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. It was the trip of a lifetime! 

Our first day, we drove half way up the Road to Hana and stopped at sights along the way, including this beauty The Garden of Eden

And of course, we stopped to see the bird man and his birds.

And ate a real coconut!

We hiked to Three Bears Falls with our dear friends Matt and Laura and their tough little guy James

Get it? Three bears...see the daddy and the mama and the baby bear falls? :)

It was beautiful! And wet and slippery and I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it 😯 Like, for real.

Hanging out at our gorgeous resort

Going out for a snorkel with Kai Kanani!

It was cold, y'all. But we saw lots of fish and turtles and an eel. I was simultaneously amazed and scared to death.

 Adult pool time! Seriously, no kids were allowed in this pool. Yes, please! I'll take 2!
I was kind of obsessed with the ceiling in our hotel. At night it was light, like on the left and during the day it was dark, like on the right! Mind = blown.

Admiring Makena Beach

Hiking some sort of old volcanic rock. This was another time I thought my life would end in Hawaii. There are signs everywhere basically saying that huge rocks are falling and can and have killed people :/

A really cool tree at Big Beach

Our view of Molokini Crater

Sunrise at Haleakala Mountain

Ziplining through a eucalyptus forest!

Last day of lounging!

Last gorgeous sunset

Back to life! Christmas tour at Korner's Folly

Pretty little dancer

Mimi's preschool Christmas program

Nothing like the perfect cup of hot chocolate in footie pj's

The Nutcracker!

Y'all. Mimi's face.

New tricks!

Big boy

Christmas with Grandpa!

Ready for the big reveal! We actually did it on Christmas eve since Rob worked through Christmas
We did something different on Christmas this year. We made strongly encouraged the kids to choose random acts of kindness. While playing with their new toys all day would have been more fun, they somewhat begrudgingly agreed on a few. First we visited the fire department with a goodie basket.  The firemen were so sweet and let them explore the trucks and turn the lights on!

Next we meant to go to the police department with a goodie basket but its not like you see on tv, with a big open area and a bunch of desks with lots of cops around. It was basically this poor detective guy who was just trying to walk out to his car and we accosted him.  But he was really nice, too!
Then we took balloons and toys to a random child in the ER at Brenner's. The girls were really cold by now and refused to be photographed.

Then, we paid for someone's McDonald's drive through and left a bunch of quarters and washing detergent at a laundromat.

Finally, we took muffins to the OR staff at Baptist and visited Rob at the hospital. The kids had mixed feelings about the airway bag Rob carries. The girls were enamored. Rowen thought it was weird.

Toasting in the new year!

Impatiently Waiting for the go ahead to enjoy the snow--this was at 520 am.

Finally let them go out around 6 am.

Venturing out to the Tanglewood hills for sledding

This big one is turning 9 soon...
my precious boy is growing up too fast.

Happy Winter!


  1. I loveeeee all the pictures, Such a wonderful family.

  2. How sweet! Really enjoyed the trip pictures & Loved, Loved, Loved the random acts of kindness!!