Thursday, May 18, 2017

All the things, from January to now!

Rowen celebrated his 9th birthday in January at Great Wolf Lodge!

So thankful he's not too old to hold my hand :)

Skiing at App
No idea where we were going, but Mimi's dressed in her customary scowl.
Daddy Daughter Dance!

Such an awesome and life-giving retreat in Flat Rock with women from my Harvest Bible Chapel!

Mimi loves Mabel :)

Trip to Boone's Cave with James!

Have y'all read this book? Best kids book ever! It was my fave as a child and I read it to Rowen's class this year.
My work fam :)
Girls afternoon out!


Harper Mae turned 6 this year!

Her birthday present was a mani/pedi trip!

Spring break on the farm in GA! GranDanny had baby chicks!

Granny and Mimi

Hay bales, of course.

Sweet Lulu

Walking a sandy trail at Little Ocmulgee State Park--the kids weren't thrilled.

We held them most of the time.

But Granny made everything ok with ice cream sandwiches after!

If you own animals, there is a 100% chance my kids will want to live with you.

We love this old chinaberry tree at GranDannys.

Calling the cows


The oldies but goodies :)

We took the kids to visit Troy and showed them my SGA pic--they were rather underwhelmed.

I sure have missed Constance and Ms. Patterson!

Such a beautiful campus!

Next stop: Friends in Fairhope!

Rob was baptized on Easter Sunday!!

Worked so hard for a good pic!

On Easter, Mimi had chocolate for breakast, lunch and dinner. #momoftheyear

My loves from Virginia came to town!

These girls are just so good for my soul!

Best little lemonade stand in town!

Breakfast at Mary's Diner and kickin' around downtown

A visit to the American Girl Doll Store

Another fun season of soccer! We're done now! [insert praise hands]

We love Coach Ari!

Mimi's birthday activities--this is a very popular pic pose these days

I love how helpful the Eanes girls were :)

What do you do when your sweetest and tenderest child finds a robin's egg and falls in love? Well, you spend your afternoon building a nest, that's what you do. (Until she accidentally cracks it and realizes it was all for naught and loses her mind).


Mother's Day Picnic at Tanglewood
Can't believe this treasure, our miracle baby girl, is 4!!
Alright, friends, you made it through. Strong work. 

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  1. Beautiful photos, Meryl! I love your family so much! I cannot believe that handsome young man is my 6-week old baby Rowen! He's such a wonderful young man now and the girls are just precious! Wish I could visit you! I know I'd love it so much! Please do stop in if you pass our way again! Love you!