Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Everything good? Everything good.

To ring in the new year, we took an awesome trip to Arizona.

Visiting Rob's Grandma Leheney near Phoenix

We took a jeep tour of a chaparral in Sedona. Its like a desert, but with just a bit more rain. I think.

The Grand Canyon on New Year's Eve!

Bright Angel Point Trail in the Canyon

Lots of fun time with Grandpa!

Standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...

Mogollon Rim Trail in  Lakeside, AZ

With Grandpa at the Petrified Forest Park

Harper got a bug and missed the Petrified Forest trip...and did this all day instead.
Piestewa Peak with a huge Saguro catus

Overlooking the city of Phoenix. Kind of.

This was a legit hard trail in my opinion!

Children's Museum of Phoenix

Cousin time!
And this is pretty much what we come home to!
The girls with our nanny, Miss Karry


Rowen turned 10!

Loving goofy Luke

Celebrating Baby Theodore with Mrs. Kasey

Father Daughter dance!
Vertical Worship concert with my fave boy!

Skiing at Sugar Mt!

Mimi's first day on the slopes!

Every once in a while, they are so sweet together.

A night out to watch Miss Claire perform at the Stevens Center!

Last day on the slopes for 2018

Sometimes he just can't even.

Ready for the Hop! Our clinic's Ladies Spring Fling had a 50's theme this year!

Deacon Dash with Miss Maisie

This guy was an early finisher in the fun run!

The WFU Soccer team welcomed everyone over the finish line!

I hate that I'm hogging this pic. The real star is that sweet lady beside me. My NP and precious friend Amanda.She makes work so much fun!

I have an awesome team at DMMC!

Rob was just really jazzed about this goat at the Greensboro Science Center.

Georgia for Spring Break! At Granny's with Bobo

Feeding the fish at GranDanny's

Took this beauty Easter morning. What a mighty God we serve...even the weeds are full of beauty.

Easter Sunday Best. Except for those runners--I don't recall approving that choice...

Swinging with Lulu, the sweetest dog in the world

Climbing the chinaberry tree with Karson

We love Olivia!

Cousin love!

See? She's the sweetest dog.

My Daddy and his girlfriend Kathy. After 4 years, I'm thankful he's found someone he enjoys spending time with.

Love my fam!

Feeding the cows at Grannys

Baby goats!

This baby goat's name is Hiccup!  
I can't even stand how cute she is!

Tea Party with Granny

This is the home my Granny was (literally) born and raised in.

It was so wonderful seeing this place again. I have vivid memories of Papa Yawn watching a silent tv (because he couldn't hear anyway), Honey Smacks cereal, and chipping my tooth on a space heater there.

Is it just me or is this amazing?

Our new buddy Lucy

Harper's 7th bday!

Does anyone listen to the podcast Invisbilia? There's an episode called Everything Good. So yes, Everything's good :)

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