Friday, July 6, 2018


Mimi finished out a strong season of soccer at the Y

We had a blast at Family Camp at Windy Gap!

Sweet friends who help your children look for fairy stones? Yes, please!

Sweet Dad moment: teaching the girls about car mechanics!

Life group girls said "so long" to Bethany this spring :(
Detroit gained one amazing gal!
One of a kind!

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Fun times at Surge!

This made me super nervous...she was so high!

Luke Skywalker Snow turned 1 on May 4th!

The kids first trip to Lexington's Candy Factory.
I may or may not go here by myself sometimes ;)

Mother's Day Picnic at Bethabra Park

This green field was good for my soul.

My girl JB joined us at church. What is this filter?? I need more of it in my life.

Sometimes its nice to be reminded :)

Mimi got her ears pierced for her 5th bday!

She didn't shed one tear!

Pretty lady on her birthday girls day!

Build a Bear Party!

A new genre for Mimi

This guy! My precious baby nephew, who is now a handsome grown man, graduated from high school this year!

Memorial Day at the Lake with Gigi and Pop Pop

Rosemary Beach with these beauty queens!

Tea Party for 2!

Harper took this pic of Luke. I guess we'll keep him :)

And she took this one of herself, which I think is so beautiful! Those freckles!!

Field day at school

My friend Brittany gets to play with these adorable goats every single day!

Mimi's last Singer's performance

Supper Club sushi rollin'


Hiking and camping at Lake Norman State Park

I asked Mimi if she could stop growing and stay 5 and this is how she responded.

Harper's at Merriwood this week!

Found this pretty picture of my Mama this week :)

Eating a s'more. Living her best life.

Happy Summer Y'all!

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