Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen, Indeed!

I'm overcome with emotion as I reflect on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. There are times when I think of the Easter story as a fleeting thought. Then, there are times when I think of God's Great Exchange and I crumble in tears. God is so in love with us that he was willing to bargain for our souls. Jesus said, You give me your life and I'll give you mine.

Think about that deal. In exchange for his perfect and beautiful life, he has a chance at our broken and shameful and selfish existence. What a guy.

I become discouraged when I think that as long as I live, the devil will never leave me alone. Sure, there will be days when taking up my cross will be easy, but there will be far more days when it will take everything I have to take up my cross and walk with Jesus. Some days I will even give in and forsake the cross altogether. But I am encouraged when I remember that God's grace is his free gift to me. I can never be good enough to receive it, so the best I can do is try to be more like Jesus every day. I will often fail, but He's worth the fighting for.

We recently had what I consider a large amount of money taken from us by someone we trusted to do a job in our house (finishing that stupid kitchen!). I was filled with anger at first and vowed that I would not let this person rest until he made this right. I'm still amazed at how easy it seems to have been for him to take advantage of us. So, I basically let this consume me for 2 days and I was in a rotten mood. Then, this beautiful Easter morning in church I realized why I was so angry. We know this sort of thing is not only wrong, but also hurtful and disappointing. It's not the money; its the principle! (Do I sound like your parents?) Just as I was feeling good and self righteous, God pressed it on my heart to pray for this guy. Rob remembered Matthew 5:40 saying that if someone takes your tunic you should also give them your cloak. And I thought, like a rebellious teenager to a patient parent, "UUUGGGHHH, Jesus, you don't really want me to give him my cloak, do you??" And He was like, "Yeah."

Just as Jesus prayed for those persecuting him on the cross by saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" I should be praying for this guy because he doesn't know what he is doing. And better than us getting our money back or getting that stinking kitchen done would be this guy giving his life to Christ. Wow. Talk about perspective!


Grandpa Chris paid us a wonderful visit last week and we so enjoyed having him here. Rowen stayed home with him for a few days and those guys had a ball!

Walking to feed the ducks

With this beautiful weather, I've finally had some time to work in the yard, one of my very favorite things to do! Remember how teeny, tiny these seeds were before, just a few weeks ago?
Look at them now!

Rowen's new favorite thing is wearing my sunglasses. He can be seen with them night and day. Such a funny little man!

He loves Curious George and sometimes we play CG games on the computer. He's a little snuggle bunny if he thinks you'll let him play George!

My mom is coming in this week and we're super excited about seeing her! She'll keep Rowen next weekend while Rob and I go to the Biltmore in NC for Dave and Neera's wedding.

Congratulations, Dave Skurky!

Happy Easter everybody!


  1. love peeking into your life, meryl! you are so lovely!

  2. he's growing SOOO fast. wow! i love the picture of you two on the computer. how happy you both look! precious.