Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rowen, big man on campus

Big boy cool started preschool this fall! He loves his class and his teacher, Mrs. Kelly! 2 things we've learned about him in school so far:

1. He talks A LOT :)
2. He names all the baby dolls and animals "Harper" and won't let other children use this name.

Here's our first day! He was really enthusiastic about these pics. Can't you tell?

Lots of people asked me if I cried. I felt like i should have, but honestly the process was just so overwhelming and happened so fast that I didn't have time to.

Surveying the place

This pic was at the end of his first week.
We made it! :)


  1. 3. He is one good lookin' kid!

    :) Aimee

  2. He is so handsome!!! and I felt the same way about my kids first day of school! I felt like I should cry, but didn't really seem to! LOL! You're such a good mommy!