Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hello there, stranger

Here's a little long overdue update! Lots of pics, which are all kinds of out of order, but I don't have it in me to re-arrange them, so enjoy the chaos!

The Blankenbicker's visit--Elise and Mimi were enamored with each other!

Marine Corps Air Show in Beaufort

Best buds!

Blue Angels!

These guys and gals are amazing!

Fat Albert

That doughnut never had a chance!

Easter egg hunt with neighbors :)

Partners in Crime

A week on the farm

Family love!

So, so, so thankful for these cousins and my handsome Ryan and beautiful Lauren!

Bowling fun

Pretty cousins



Their sandbox ;)

Strawberry picking

Chic photographer

Birthday girl!

Rewind to snow days in Feb!

UVA vs MSU in Charlotte

Happy spring, y'all!

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